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We have moved to Yaxley, Peterborough!!

   16th September 2015

Anglia Stairlifts have made the move to Yaxley just south of Peterborough! Our new stairlift showroom is still being completed but we have now moved our offices to Eagle Business Park in Yaxley. We are all very excited about being close to town and we are looking forward to being able to welcome visitors into our new stairlift showroom when it is finished in in the next few weeks. We would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for their support and understanding while we have been making this move happen.

Anglia Stairlifts LEIA membership

   7th December 2012

We are pleased to announce that Anglia Stairlifts is now a member of LEIA ( Lift and Escalator Industry Association). The LEIA is the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry.

ISO 9001 Update

   30th September 2012

As of 16 August 2012 Anglia Stairlifts have increased the scope of their ISO 9001 certificate and are now accreddited for the supply, installation and maintenance of Stair Lifts, Vertical Lifts, Step Lifts, Hoists and Pubilc Access Lifts

ISO 9001 Update

   30th September 2012

As of 16 August 2012 Anglia Stairlifts have increased the scope of their Public Access page to include much more information about the products and services we offer.

You can find information on not only Step Lifts, but also Vertical Platform Lifts, Wheelchair Incline Lifts and Through Floor Lifts. Many of these options are available as both home and public access solutions so please don't hesitate to contact us to find out more.


   12th March 2012

Anglia Stairlifts are expanding their promotion across digital media and are now a member of LinkedIn. Please head to our company page to check us out!

Brochure Downloads

   18th February 2012

We were recently asked if instead of just providing a product overview on our products page, whether we could provide more detailed information such as colours available, and more photos and decriptions of each stairlift we offer. As part of our ever continuing commitment to customer service, we were more than happy to help and consequently we have put a range of downloadable pdfs for some of our straigh and curved stairlift models on the website.

These can be found by navigating to the products page, clicking on straight or curved lifts and selecting the PDF file from the page that loads.

We hope these documents provide all the information needed but if you need more, please don't hesitate to contact us!

ISO 9001 Acheived

   10th February 2012

On 24th January 2012 Anglia Stairlifts formally acheived ISO 9001:2008 certifiaction. This certificate is evidence of our commitment to quality control and ensuring that we deliver to the highest standard in everything we do.

ISO 9001 allows you, our customer, to have complete confidence that we meet your needs and expectations and that we as a company comply with all applicable regulations and to us is simply formal recognition that we provide the best service in the market to our customers.

ISO 9001

   25th November 2011

Anglia Stairlifts are currently in the process of formalising our quality control procedures and aim to achieve ISO 9001/2008 by then end of this year (2011). This qualification will formally recognise our commitment to quality, our commitment to our customers and our willingness to work towards improving efficiency which results in cost savings passed on to you.

Assistive Equipment

   18th November 2011

We now offer a range of assistive equipment to help you out around the home, including shower chairs. Please see our Assistive Equipment page for more information.

Occupational Therapy Assessment

   5th November 2011

If you have a disability or long term health problem and are finding it difficult to manage in your home with activities like going up and down stairs, getting to the toilet, using the bath or accessing your home we can now offer an assessment by an occupational therapist. Anglia Stairlifts have now partnered with The Tansor Centre to not only offer Occupational Therapy Assessment, but also to provide equipment that will help you maintain your independence.

The aim of occupational therapy is to enable individuals to live as independently as possible, whether at home, at work or at school/college. The Tansor Centre can help individuals to adapt to changes in their everyday life and to overcome practical problems. They may do this by providing advice, recommending ways an everyday task can be done differently or recommending equipment or alterations for an individuals home which we at Anglia Stairlifts are happy to install and carry out.



A new map has been added to the about us page. Check it out to find out where we are!

Step Lifts


Anglia Stairlifts are proud to launch their new products page for step lifts. Step Lifts offer a practical, easy to use, cost effective way of accessing your home and help you to achieve the mobility you deserve

Check out some of the other products we offer!

Terry Lifts


Anglia Stairlifts has many years of experience servicing and maintaining all the products in the Terry Lift Group portfolio. So to become their main business partner in East Anglia is a natural progression of the skills and experience gained over many years.

Frequently Asked Questions


Have you ever wondered how much energy a stair lift uses on a daily basis? Or how long it takes to install a curved stair lift from site survey through manufacture to fitting? Well now you need wonder no longer

Anglia Stairlifts have updated their FAQ's page to answer all of your most frequently asked stair lift questions, so why not mosey on over and find out something you might not have known about stairlifts?

New Lifts Available


We now have a new range of lifts available including our new Elite heavy duty stairlift rated up to 30 Stone. Visit our products page page to find out more.



Anglia Stairlifts are pleased to announce our new partnership agreement with Invacare UK. We are now approved suppliers of their mobile hoist range with more products to follow

10 Year Anniversary


This year Anglia Stairlifts will celebrate their 10th Anniversary. Since their formation in 2001 Anglia Stairlifts have enjoyed burgeoning growth that is thanks in no small part to the dedication of each and every employee to the company ethos of raising the standard of service provided by the stairlift industry

Thank you to both our customers and our staff for helping us achieve this milestone.